Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Two shows:

For fans of the unusual, there are two shows this week to pique your interest:

10-21 Boulders, Russian Tsarlag, Then and Than, more TBA

10-22 Dads
@ 4-Winds

New Boulders tape still available. "Invisible Blouse" and "Live at Club Fuck" still available (although both will be OOP pretty shortly.) Second Dads 7" available here:

New Dads tape and "Tampa" 7" soon enough.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Boulders-Modern Girls and Modern Rock N Roll CS

Available now: Boulders-Modern Girls and Modern Rock N Roll CS

Rotten sounds for rotten people, the latest set of songs from Tampa's own Boulders, delivering Modern Music of the highest order. Sub-rock n roll clatter as close to punk rock as Mars and Chrome were. Presents a cave-like atmosphere conducive to bitterness and frustration. Think of it as a concept record about personality disorders. Recorded LIVE in the studio at Heinrich's Workshop on guitar and drums.

Listen to the whole tape before you buy! Here

$5 PPD pro-tapes

Monday, September 6, 2010

Close to You

Coming soon for the approaching Fall:

Boulders-Modern Girls and Modern Rock N Roll CS
Five song full length tape. Speaks to the lover in everyone.

Dads-Working Man's Dad CS
Another dispatch from Planet Dad. The jams get longer. The song titles get dumber.

Persian Immaculacy-She's at the Door, She Won't Go Away CS
Debut recording available in incredibly limited quantities. Two shit-rock torch songs.

"Tampa" compilation 7"
Unreleased summer hits from Boulders, Russian Tsarlag, Neon Blud, Madame Mercury, crAow, and Breatheasy.

Dads 7"s and video tapes still available. Paypal links below.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dads: Live at Club Fuck now available!

The newest Dads release is now available:
Dads: Live at Club Fuck VHS/CS combo pack

A live show from the Dads as a four piece during their "reclusive" phase at the legendary Club Fuck. You get the audio and the visual for slightly more than the price of just 1!
Editing and video effects by The Dadsz themselves. Playing all the hits.
Available in an edition of 100 hand-dubbed VHS cassettes/pro-dubbed audio cassettes.

$8.50 ppd. Cheap! Just use the paypal button below!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dads: Live at Club Fuck VHS+CS

Next item out will be the live VHS/CS combo pack "Dads: Live at Club Fuck"
Will be released on August 7th in time for Bloodfest.
Order information will be available on that date.

Very soon after that:
+Dads-"Working Man's Dad" CS
+currently untitled Tampa 7" comp (featuring Boulders, Neon Blud, Russian Tsarlag, Madame Mercury, and more)

Friday, May 7, 2010


Things are moving very slowly, but they are in fact, still moving. Both the Boulders tape and Big + Tall/Small Pox split tape WILL be out shortly. A Dads live VHS/audio cassette entitled "Dads-Live at Club Fuck" will also be out sometime very soon. Other plans are being hashed out and will be posted here in the coming month.

The Dads 7" is still available. Check the paypal link in the blog post bellow.